Prayer of Submission


I am waiting for you to call my name. My soul longs to hear your voice, to hear your words. I thirst for the moment that your powerful and mighty arms are wrapped around me forever. I hunger for the day that I begin to spend forever with you -when my pain of today isn’t even a memory and the joy of tomorrow refreshes itself for eternity. I will wait here for you to call, kneeling in the shadow of the Cross. Until that day comes Father, I am yours to be used. I surrender. I have met you at the door post. I am no longer my own. Whatever life you give me, I will live through your Son. Your victory has been gained. I praise you for the rolled back tomb.

I don’t understand why you love me. I don’t understand why you wait for me. Amidst the confusion and questions raging in my mind, my soul has found your peace. You have been calling. And though I often didn’t listen, you remained. How can I repay such love? How can I thank you for such mercy? A thousand lifetimes would not be enough. So I offer you everything I have. Please use me. I am yours. Amen.

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