The Truth of the Matter

God often uses events and people in our lives to reveal His eternal truths to us. Sometimes it’s the first time we’ve seen it. It might be a Truth that we’ve been shown before, but because of life we had forgotten. And sometimes, unfortunately, it’s a truth we had chosen to ignore because it was inconvenience. Every time we exchange the Truth for something else because it scared us or was inconvenient, or because we just couldn’t deal with it at that moment, we create some tough consequences. Andy Stanley recently shared these thoughts. Give them your consideration for a moment.

If you believe that every time something bad happens that it’s God punishing you, then you’ll never trust your heavenly father.

If you believe that your religious routine or the way you approach God keeps Him happy then you will never have a personal relationship with Him.

If you believe that you have to have all the answers to every question before you can trust God then you will never keep a true faith.

If you believe that God heals all illnesses then you will live with a deep sense of disappointment and betrayal.

If you believe that complete, not strings attached forgiveness, is beyond your grasp then you will never have peace in your life.

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